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    摘要: 用英语写出你最喜欢的电影,电影名称说明理由。 【Starship Troopers 】While some of the cha...


    【Starship Troopers 】

    While some of the characters and lines in the movie were a little underdeveloped, the overriding story of the evolution of our society into an aggressive, militarist regime cannot be ignored. The action scenes were great, with flawless computer animation (how Titanic beat it for SFX I will never know) and enhancement supported by what can only be described as gore-laden prosthetics. I thought they could have left the love story out, but that's Hollywood.

    Very watchable, and a nice change from the Alien movies - this is WAR, not some isolated pit-fight! I love the Alien movies, but Startship troopers just has a lot o' lead, heads, and bodies flying left, right and centre! I thought the Mobile Infantry could have used better weaponry (apparently in the novel that it's based on, the MI has powered armour with assault cannon and missile launchers etc.) to battle such a foe, but I'm just being technical.

    If you want a nice beer pretzels movie to yell and scream at, then this is it.


    I like the seven pounds "this movie, actor because their driving carelessly also his wife and leave the personal loss of life、、

    including the lover. For a sin, the donated property and organs, saved seven people's life

    After watching movies I have been such a question: "if you can get someone else's heart or a normal match the words, affectionate Tim would not give his life?", seriousness and Tim guilt, he may only be released in soul the moment to let the heart toward heaven, it comfortably in the continuation of life is actually a kind of means. Westerners redemption complex is very thick, always give a person a kind of great epic buskined feeling, life often at that moment the particularly great highlights

    恩 模仿的 不知道翻译怎么样、、


    My favorite cartoon film is "Kung Fu Panda".Because it's very funny and interesting.The story was great and the background was beautiful, it really felt like an ancient Chinese city.So many people like it.In this cartoon movie the character who I most like is the panda Arab League valuable.Because it not only unusual lovable and annoys the human to like, moreover is this cartoon movie's lead .But I did not deny that other roles also very much annoy the affection, for example tigress (Angelina Jolie), viper (Lucy Liu), praying mantis (Seth Rogen), hoist crane (David cross) and monkey (Jackie Chan).I from this cartoon movie middle school: Each people have the merit and the shorting, perhaps you only know your shorting, so long as but you look diligently, also will discover that oneself will have the merit.

    我最喜欢的动画电影是“功夫熊猫“。因为它非常有趣,故事是伟大的,背景是美丽的,它真的觉得像一个古老的中国城市。因此,许多人喜欢它。这部动画片电影人物我最喜欢的是熊猫阿波 因为它不仅不寻常的可爱和苦恼的人喜欢,而且是这个卡通片的主演。但我不否认其他角色也很棒,例如母老虎(安吉莉娜朱莉),蝰蛇(刘玉玲),亲情,螳螂(塞斯罗根),起重机(大卫),猴(成龙)我从这个卡通片中学:每个人都有优点和缺点,也许你只知道你的缺点,但只要你认真看,会发现自己也有优点。




    My favorite moviesMy favorite movie is "House", though was over you, but I still want to repeat it, if you have not seen some people let me explain it for you.Successor in Los Qingchuan antique engagement ceremony was blown away to chase a beauty equipment to clear and ran to a mysterious figure in the woods, beautiful figure but the moment the foot of a hand empty, fall into the time tunnel and through to the Qing Dynasty, even In case they are in high daily fear of trembling fell down from a high of Prince Edward, cynici *** , love trouble of Ba Age, as well as moody, do not believe anyone Si Age, which caused her feelings with a few Elder brother Dispute, and began a wonderful journey in the Qing Dynasty. The wide range in the Qing Dynasty to know a lot of truth Riverside, more treasure we have, and learn to five others, bearish gains and losses. And she also went through to find true love after all the suffering, to spend his life with them.我最喜欢的电影我最喜欢的电影就是《宫》,虽然演完啦,但我还是想重复看,如果你们有些人还没看就让我为你解说吧。





    My Favorite Movie(Twilight) I like watching movies very much. My favorite movie is Twilight. It is a beautiful love story beeen vampire and mankind. The main characters are named Edward and Bella. They can't help loving each other. Edward is a vampire who has lived hundreds of years, while Bella just a ordinary high school student. They are clas *** ates. When Bella recognizes that Edward is a vampire, she still chooses to love him under the pressure of every aspect. And Edward also pick the choice to protect Bella at all costs. This is their beginning of love. 我非常喜欢看电影。










    I like this movie so much that I have seen it four times. I think the movie stars in it are very beautiful and handsome. Secondly, the plot is very attractive and excited. And the scenery is beautiful too. In a word, I just like it the moment I see it. 我非常喜欢这部电影,所以我看了四遍了。





    我最喜欢的电影 英语作文,简单点,不用很多,加翻译

    Do you know the movie Titanic.That is one of my favorite movies.It's a love story about Jack and Rose.They met on a ship called Titanic ,and then they fell into love immediately .On the night of April 15, 1912 , the Titanic had an accident on the way to America . Jack and Rose fell into the sea with many other people .They were very frightened because they were afraid of losing each other.In the end ,Rose was saved,but Jack died.Rose was very sad.My favourite movie is transformer. This film was made in America. It used a lot of high-techs and puter special effects. I like it very much. This film has huge scenes and famous movie stars. Besides, it has good story, and it told me to respect anybody protects us. This film asked us to be brave to fight the enemies and have the courage to live in the danger. It also have a lot of robot troys I like. This is my favourite movie. 翻译我最喜欢的电影是变形金刚.这个电影是在美国拍摄的,它用了大量的高科技手段和电脑特效.我非常喜欢.这部电影中有一些规模宏大的场景,还有著名的影星.除些之外,它故事情节非常吸引人,这部电影同时也告诉我要尊重保护我们的每一个人.它告诉我们要勇敢地与敌人进行斗争,同时也要有勇气在危险中生存.电影还随带有很多我喜欢的机器人玩具.这就是我最喜欢的电影.

    我最喜欢的电影或书做为内容写一篇英语作文!! 我最喜欢的电影《从你的全世界路过》英语作文带翻译



    The original understanding of this book, is inadvertently seen in micro-blog on the author of an article. Then a get out of hand in love with this book and its author, Zhang Jiajia, even when buy a real book home slowly read.人们对于张嘉佳的评价说他是微博上最会讲故事的人。



    People for Zhang Jiajia's evaluation said he was the most likely to tell the story of the people of micro-blog. I read this book, may also have the secular concept. I also do not have their own to find the ability to judge the classic, so often the best seller list or public recognition as a standard.张嘉佳,用他独特气息的文字,讲出了那些让我感动,疑惑,大笑,痛哭的故事。



    Zhang Jiajia, with his unique flavor of the text, speak out of those who let me move, doubt, laugh, cry of the story. True, the true mingled with the false. That cover every minute people see themselves in the story, see oneself once unsuspectingly stumbling, finally full concerns persist in wilfully and arbitrarily regardless of personal danger, bid farewell to the youth.这本书讲青春,青春这个主题,雅俗共赏,没有对错之分。

    This book is about the theme of youth, youth, tastes, there's no right or wrong.骆驼固执的想用味蕾来记住他的姑娘,就算一切关于她的记忆都消失了,还可以留恋他带来的味道;小玉为马力喝遍大半个城市,最后,将他送上岸交给其他人;姐姐拼命想交会我电脑,一直在默默关心我,在死前敲出“我爱你”;王慧近乎偏执的坚持只给她带来了一场飞蛾扑火的爱情,但他终究还是完成了蜕变, 从末等生跃至一等兵;打字如流星追月般的茅十八,平时惜字如金,却在自己录制的GPS导航语音里为爱人搞怪,在回忆的沙城表白;我希望有个如你一般的人里的管春,是路痴,也是情痴。



    The camel stubbornly want to use the taste buds to remember his girl, even if everything about her memories are gone, he can also bring the taste of nostalgia; jade for most of the city over the horsepower drink, finally, he was sent ashore to other people; sister desperately want to rendezvous my puter, has been quietly concerned about me, before death a "I love you"; Wang Hui paranoid adhere to bring a Puhuo love to her, but he eventually pleted the transformation, from the end of life to jump into a private; such as the meteor like type eighteen Mao, usually unfailingly, but in the GPS navigation voice recording their for love funny, in the memories of the city expression; I hope to have a spring tube like you people, Luchi, also. Will be deep into the heart. What Muzi, Maomao, Zhang Ping...... they may vary but will bring my sincere warmth and love.老情书里,胡言的母亲骂胡言的那一段话。





    Old love letters, nonsense mother scolding the words of nonsense. To touch the bottom of my heart. Young man, you are not qualified to be a mediocre life, because you don't have a strong wind and big waves. Maybe the end of the mother to the son and love of people together, paid the heavy cost of life, but I think, as a mother, she should be happy, right? At the end of that wedding, the father mother to read that old love letters. If you do not fight to fight, to pursue is not eligible to obtain happiness, distance is not a problem, everything is not the key lies in whether you can cross that step, to force the embrace of their own happiness.张嘉佳曾经在节目中说:“《从你的全世界路过》其实这是个病句。





    Zhang Jiajia once said: "in the program" passing from your world "in fact it is a bad. Either you are my whole world, or pass by your world, we are ...


    A movie I like I like a lot of movies.Today, I'd like to talk about one of them--Fanfan.Fanfan is a French movie telling a romatic story.The hero was an intern with an unhappy childhood who had already got a fiancée.But,he didn't love her.He loved an other girl named Fanfan who loved him as well.However he was not going to marry Fanfan,because he thought love would go after marriage.Of course Fanfan disagreed with him.So she encouraged him in all ways,until he got over of his fears and accepted her as a result.I like Fanfan because she was honest and sweet,who showed great courage chasing happiness belonged to her.I was encouraged by her too,so I like this movie.By the way,the scene is beautiful and enjoyable to watch.


    Me favorite movie is《 Kung Fu Panda 》(功夫熊猫)The Kung Fu Panda is getting more popular.Some people might ask how this movie bee so popular.It is a cartoon movie.The movie at about a panda wants to learn kung fu.He has the and then .(然后他成了英雄)Panda was like a mon man.but he always tried to face any danger.This is why I like it very much.And it is an educational cartoon movie.If you plan to watch a movie this weekend and you want to see something enjoyable.choose Kung Fu Panda.

    我最喜欢的电影 作文 300字 不要英语的 要快








    Second. To begin with, as the population grows, the government's efforts to control population growth, to decrease industrial pollution and to enhance the laws to forbid wildlife hunting, with the increase of human activities, modern people take up more and more space, the problem of pollution bees more and more serious with the development of modern industry, people consume much more natural resources, mon citizens should be aware of this ecological crisis and take on the responsibility of wildlife protection. In a word, which often leads to excessive hunting. Moreover. Which has a great impact on other species. Finally, it is clear that with the rapid growth of U.S. population from 1800 to 1990, the number of its wildlife species no longer existing soared during the same period.Solving this problem calls for, above all. More and more animals have to adapt themselves to the decaying environment or move to a totally different place, but not all of them are fortunate enough to survive the changes. Naturally, we can draw the conclusion that the sharp decline of wildlife species resulted from the population growth.Two reasons may account for this phenomenonthe ups and downs of population growthAs is seen from the o graphs

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    英语作文 你喜欢什么类型的电影?为什么?带翻译

    My Favorite Movie(Twilight)I like watching movies very much. My favorite movie is Twilight. It is a beautiful love story between vampire and mankind. The main characters are named Edward and Bella. They can’t help loving each other. Edward is a vampire who has lived hundreds of years, while Bella just a ordinary high school student. They are classmates. When Bella recognizes that Edward is a vampire, she still chooses to love him under the pressure of every aspect. And Edward also pick the choice to protect Bella at all costs. This is their beginning of love.

    我非常喜欢看电影。我最喜欢的电影是暮光之城之暮色。讲的是吸血鬼和人类之间的唯美的爱情故事。主角是爱德华和贝拉。他们无可救药的爱上对方。爱德华是一个活了数百年的吸血鬼,而贝拉只是一个普通的高中生。他们是同学。当贝拉知道爱德华是吸血鬼时,她还是顶着方方面面的压力选择爱他。而爱德华也选择不惜一切代价来保护贝拉。这就是他们爱情的开始。I like this movie so much that I have seen it four times. I think the movie stars in it are very beautiful and handsome. Secondly, the plot is very attractive and excited. And the scenery is beautiful too. In a word, I just like it the moment I see it.



    I am a film fan because I have seen a lot of movies.Also I love many films.Several days ago, I saw an American movie and I love her immediately.Her name is IF ONLY. It is a love story about a pretty girl and a handsome boy. Samantha is in love with her boyfriend, unfortunately he doesn't pay any attention to her. She is living in London attending school there to be with him. She is a music student and aspiring singer. Ian is wrapped up in his job and is taking her "for Granted". A twist of fate occurs and makes him realize what he has. The story is perfect,I was touched deeply.I think I am the man in the film and I will do what the girl asked. The scence is beautiful in the uptown.I love the country,also I love the two wonderful song in the film. I recommend this film to anyone who is a film fan, or to anyone who is a romantic at heart. This one will get your spirit. Director did a perfect job and writer is a genius.I look forward to any projects they take on in the future.